As a Chiropractor...

"Dr. Jenna is an important part of my life. I've been staying "in-line" with Dr. Jenna's assistance regularly for over 20 years! Now, doesn't that say it all? Not quite. I've benefited in more ways than just physically. Her wise suggestions and supportive encouragement have seen me through some rough times in my life (including chemotherapy). I've valued all she has done to keep me going as a "whole being". I'll continue working with Dr. Jenna on a once every four week schedule and I look forward to each healing session."
Jean Rhoades
Retired School Teacher
Wheaton, Illinois

"The care and treatment I have received from Dr. Eisenberg for the last 3 years goes above and beyond traditional chiropractors. Dr. Eisenberg has a gentle touch when making an adjustment and always achieves positive results. Even when I am not sure of what exactly is bothering me, Jenna takes the time to ask questions, listen and then determine the best course to follow. She consistently looks at the whole person and treats her patients with this in mind. My overall health has improved under Dr. Eisenbergs care and I feel stronger and more flexible as a result of using her services."
Rae Anne Mecca
Case Manager
DuPage County Human Services

"My name is Michael McRoyal and I am a former business associate of Dr.Jenna Eisenberg. I had known Jenna for almost a year when my wife began having back aches. She was 7 months pregnant with our second child and was unable to get a good night's rest. I called Jenna because a few months earliersI had found out about chiropractic through an interview with her. My wife and I had never before been treated by a chiropractor.

My wife and I were pleased with the relaxed environment her home office provided and Jenna's humorous approach. Jenna was also very accomodating towards our daughter providing her with some toys to play with. As a result, the initial apprehensiveess of seeing a chiropractor for the first time vanished.

Jenna was very knowledgable and knew exactly where my wife's problem was. My wife continued through the pregnancy able to sleep throught the night with no more back pains. Good for her. GREAT for me!

If you- or your spouse- are pregnant, you will definitely benefit from going to see Dr. Jenna to get your spine adjusted to releve or prevent sleepless nights due to back pain. I know we will definitely be back during our next 10 pregnancies!"
Michael McRoyal

"My neck and back are back in place and I feel better. I feel solid. I drove a long way and it was worth it. As I was driving home, I thanked the Lord for you, your concern and gifts. Thank you for how you have helped me."
James Hilt
Counselor,Christian Counseling Ministries, Inc
Appleton, Wisconsin

"I walked around for a year with an injury that was causing headaches and other collateral damage to my body. Dr. Eisenberg identified the injury and treated it. I'm now able to participate in the physical activities that I used to without fear of hurting myself again."
Marc Ludena
Art Director, Horizon Displays
North Aurora, Illinois


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